2020 Apr 24

Sunyovszky Consulting - 10 years anniversary

This year we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of Sunyovszky Consulting Ltd., to the delight of which the company's image and website have been renewed.

The new logo and look replaced the world of form and color, which was introduced at the beginning, but became slightly "served out" over the past 10 years, and gives the company a refreshed, modern look. The modernization of the image actually follows the renewal of content and knowledge, as my more in-depth knowledge gained in the last few years (NATM Master's Degree in Tunnel Engineering 2018, SIVV - Renovation of Reinforced Concrete Structure certificate renewal 2019) and my continuously expanded professional experience in claim management.

With the new content, in addition to recommending my own services, my -not hidden- goal is to "advertise" the field of contract management and claim management itself, as my experience shows that in contrast to the development abroad, neither investors nor contractors handle this field properly in Hungary. Instead, many are still trying to make it less necessary or preventable. In contrast, the most successful implementation of projects can only be achieved if contract management is part of project management on the side of each participant from the outset.

 It is difficult to predict the change in the situation in the construction industry at the moment, but many people are talking about the impending downturn and crisis. In any case, it is likely that in the future, investors (especially private sector developers) will be much more sensitive to construction prices than during the current “boom”. At present, prices, especially for public / community investment, are partly held high (beyond the economy) by the fact that it is easier to transfer risks to the contractor through a relatively unilateral contract than to share them fairly. In the latter case, the project management team should be much more prepared on the owner side as well in order to properly manage changes and owners risks. Obviously, it is also easier to report to management that the project has been completed at the contract price than to write reports on the incurrence of additional costs. We just don’t notice that that contract price is 10, 20, possibly 30% overpriced. If, instead, the investor defines these conditions properly in the construction contract or in the tenders, he can achieve a reduction in the offer and contract prices, as the contractor will not price the risks (unnecessarily or unfairly) to be borne by him. And as for the problem that actually arises, its additional costs are in most cases still below its overpriced contract.
Sunyovszky Consulting Ltd. will continue to be available as a reliable partner for the professional support of construction projects in technical and contract management or claim management issues.

Gábor Sunyovszky
Thanks again for the nice work of corporate design and website development to XTRADEVS team !



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